The Sunday Roast

Sample menu

served from 12pm - 2.30pm at Garrison, every sunday



Nibbles and Starters

garrison's daily bake, local olive oil, Leo’s dukkah   10

our ‘fat’ chips, Japanese mayo, sea salt   8 (GF)

local leaf salad, heirloom tomato, capsicum, pumpkin seeds, chimmichurri   8 (GF)

Roasted Jerusalem artichoke soup, creme fraiche, dukkah, daily bake 15

exmouth prawn tacos / mount barker tofu tacos, ‘bred’ kimchi guacamole/remoulade/radish/shoots23


Roasts and Mains

roast topside of beef, parsnip puree, roasties, sautéed veg, gravy, yorkie 29

sous vide pork loin, cauliflower puree, roast potatoes, sautéed veg, gravy, yorkie 29

confit duck leg, parsnip puree, roasties, sautéed veg, gravy, yorkie 39 (GFA)

roast leg of lamb, parsnip puree, roasties, sautéed veg, gravy, yorkie 38 (GFA)

candy beetroot & goats cheese tart, dressed salad22

butternut squash risotto, pecorino, nuts & seeds, dehydrated kale26 (GF)

pink snapper/pea/broad bean/chorizo/sauce Américaine 42 (GF)

fish & chips, king george whiting, fat chips, homemade ‘tartare’, salad, lemon32




 ve: vegan or available vegan / v: vegetarian / gf: gluten free / gfa: gluten free available/ n: contains nuts

At Garrison, we are committed to creating innovative food with great produce.
90% of our ingredients are local, with 10% of our favourites making appearances from around the world.
Please inform our staff if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.